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      2. Xushui Industrial Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. +86-371-67996718 info@kf-machinery.com

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        Add: Xushui Industrial Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.

        Cement Rotary Kiln

        Cement Rotary Kiln

        Production capacity: 1000~5000 t/d

        Kiln incline degree: 3.5%~4.0%

        Supporting qty: 3pcs

        Cylinder diameter: Φ3.2~Φ4.8 m

           Cement rotary kiln is a kind rotary kiln, general used for calcine cement clinker, cement rotary kiln is new type dry method cement production line key equipment, it’s the main equipment used to calcine through powder grinding mill batched raw material under high temperature function to clinker, can roast cement, processing raw material to clinker.

           Cement rotary kiln consist of kiln cylinder, driving device, supporting device, blocking wheel device, kiln head sealing device, kiln tail sealing device, kiln head cover, etc. It’s new type dry method cement production line key equipment, Commonly known as cement factory “heart”.

            Kefan machinery cement rotary kiln can meet 1000-5000t/d cement production line, with features of simple structure, stable working, final products with high quality, etc.

        >> Features

        1.Can meet 1000-5000t/d cement production line

        Kefan machinery cement rotary kiln has from φ3.2×48m to φ4.8×74m all kinds specification, can meet 1000-5000t/d cement production line.

        2.High production capacity, high efficiency, low heat consumption

        Cement rotary kiln calcine system equipment through technology innovation, in this system adopt domestic and abroad most advanced hydraulic blocking wheel device, adopt high precision metering piston pump and speed adjust valve and connect type graphite block sealing device and domestic advanced technology, stable property, high production capacity, low energy consumption.

        3.Widely application:

        Kefan machinery cement rotary kiln widely used in construction material, metallurgy, chemical, environment protection and many other production industrials.

        Cement rotary kiln Cement rotary kiln

        Suit enterprise type: cement factory, steel

        >> Technical Data

         Production capacity
        kiln pitch
        supporting number
        rated power
        velocity ratio  weight
        Φ3.2×48 1000 3.5 3 160 19.99 252
        Φ3.2×50 1200 3.5 3 190 20.17 263
        Φ3.3×52 1200 3.5 3 190 39.063 280.8
        Φ4×60 2500 3.5 3 315 40.85 487.5
        Φ4.2×60 2800 3.5 3 420 35.745 576.1
        Φ4.3×62 3000 3.5 3 420 35.714 598.5
        Φ4.3×64 3200 4 3 450 44.983 585
        Φ4.5×66 4000 3.5 3 560 31.25 710.4
        Φ4.7×72 5000 4 3 710 31.5 825
        Φ4.8×70 5000~5500 3.5 3 630 30.73 845.3
        Φ4.8×72 5000 4 3 560 31.192 847
        Φ4.8×74 5000 4 3 630 28.125 841


        You can get the price list and a KEFAN representative will contact you within one business day.





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