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      2. Xushui Industrial Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. +86-371-67996718 info@kf-machinery.com

        ball mill

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        Tel: +86-371-67996718
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        Email: info@kf-machinery.com
        Add: Xushui Industrial Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.

        Coal vertical mill

        Coal vertical mill

        Production capacity: 5~70 t/h

        Final products fineness: 80 μmR 3%

        System power consumption: 18~22 kWh/t

        Application: power plant,cement factory,lime factory and coal powder grinding enterprise.

           Coal vertical mill adopt foot disc shape grinding pan and type shape roller sleeve, more suit for coal powder grinding.

          Grinding roller bearing no need special seals. Grinding roller device adopt a pair of spherical roller bearings, bearings sealing chamber extend outside the machine shell, don’t connect the dust air, thus, only simple seals can make prevent dust feeding to grinding roller bearings, no need sealing blower.

        Coal vertical mill

          The grinding mill transmission part no need auxiliary transfer device.

          Simple slag discharging part. Coal vertical mill with less slag discharge, slag discharging port with cover, no need install slag discharging valve.

        >> Features

        1、High production capacity, low energy consumption, eco-friendly.

        2、Roller sleeve both surface can be used, not only benefit for increase coal mill production capacity, but also can decrease abrasion, expend the service life.

        3、Install explosion-proof device, make sure safety production. On top shell install explosion-proof valve to prevent coal powder inner the mill explosion and ensure the equipment safety working.


        >> Technical Data

        Model Diameter of millstone
        Median diameter of roller
        Standard installed power 
        Standard ability 
        KFMC1200 1200 900 110 5
        KFMC1600 1600 1000 250 12
        KFMC1800 1800 1120 330 18
        KFMC2000 2000 1250 430 20
        KFMC2200 2200 1400 590 30
        KFMC2300 2300 1450 640 35
        KFMC2600 2600 1600 810 44
        KFMC2800 2800 1750 1000 55
        KFMC3000 3000 1900 1250 65
        KFMC3500 3500 1900 1400 70


        You can get the price list and a KEFAN representative will contact you within one business day.





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