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      2. Xushui Industrial Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. +86-371-67996718 info@kf-machinery.com

        ball mill

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        Add: Xushui Industrial Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.

        Cement vertical mill

        Cement vertical mill

        capacity:30~250 t/h

        specific surface:330~380 m2/Kg

        system power consumption: 25~30 KWh/t

           KFMK Cement vertical mill adopts a new generation of cement grinding technology, integrating powder grinding, drying, choose powder,It can saving 30% power per ton material Compared with the traditional ball mill.Less auxiliary equipment, one machine with multifunction, less occupied area, small dust pollution, widely used in cement plant, clinker grinding station.

        Cement vertical mill

           Kefan company can supply various model of cement mill which capacity 50t/h-250t/h

        >> Features

        Kefan Cement vertical mill grinding system has the following outstanding advantages and features:

        Cement vertical mill

        1.Power saving: integrated power consumption of 25 KWH/t,saving 30% power l Compared with the traditional ball mill

        2.Cement products has good performance,cement strength (3 d, 7 d, 28 d intensity) , water can be controlled in 26-28%, cement particle matching convenient adjustment

        3.less wear,metal consumption 4-5g/t

        4.The system runs stably, operation rate is 93-97%

        5.The technological process is simple, less occupied area , less mechanical and electrical equipment, convenient operation and maintenance

        6.high adaptability to raw materials:especially High water content and poor abradability of material

        7.Cement type conversion convenient and quick, only 20 minutes

        Cement vertical mill

        >> Technical Data

        Model Diameter of millstone
        Median diameter of roller
        Stanard installed power
        Standard ability
        KFMK3000 3,000 1,600 1250 55~60
        KFMK3200 3,200 1,700 1600 65~80
        KFMK3500 3,500 1,800 1800 85~100
        KFMK4000 4,000 1,900 2500 115~125
        KFMK4300 4,300 2,120 3000 135~145
        KFMK4600 4,600 2,240 3350 150~160
        KFMK4800 4,800 2,240 3550 170~180
        KFMK5000 5,000 2,360 3900 190~200
        KFMK5300 5,300 2,500 4600 210~230
        KFMK5600 5,600 2,500 5300 235~250


        You can get the price list and a KEFAN representative will contact you within one business day.





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