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        ball mill

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        Ball mill feeding equipment - pendulum feeder (Constant feeder) in China

        [Feed grain size]: 35-50mm (mm)
        [Production capacity]: 0-25t/h (T/h)
        [Application scope]: applicable to mineral processing, coal, chemical, and other departments, the granular material is sent to various types of materials from the storage tank through the hopper.

        To maintain the stability of the grinding ball mill equipment, and even feeding amount, is to ensure the ball mill grinding process parameters (concentration, fineness, grinding efficiency, etc.) important prerequisite, but also is the condition to ensure good indicator of the grading conditions.

        In general ore dressing plant the ore belt is equipped with metering device, can measure the instantaneous feeding amount, but also can record the total amount of ore, so in the production pay attention to the measurement code moving situation, digital walking fast and slowly, proved to the mine is not uniform.

        Based on the number of digital to conversion the amount of ore, and then adjust, so that the amount of ore to maintain the provisions of the standard. Some ore dressing plant is not the miners themselves to the mine, with a full time to the miners, which should pay attention to observation, found that the amount of change, in a timely manner and to adjust the miners. Some ore dressing plants do not give a measure facility, and the amount of the ore is determined by the manual sampling and weighing.

        In the ore beneficiation production line, equipments matched with ball mills have several kinds of feeding machines, such as pendulum feeder, chute feeder and spiral feeder machine. In which pendulum feeder is often used in many industry.
        Pendulum feeder is used for mineral processing, coal, chemical industry and other departments, granular materials from the storage tank through stock funnel feed to various types of feeding device. The pendulum feeder is not suitable for conveying powder or too large size materials, otherwise it will appear dust pollution and discharge port blocking phenomenon.

        Pendulum feeder technical parameter:



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