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        ball mill

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        Ore dressing grinding classification equipment

        The mineral processing plant equipment widely used is the ball mill and rod mill. In the ball mill, only the lattice type and the overflow type are adopted. Cone ball mill because of its low productivity, is now not manufactured, but individual old dressing plant still use. The specifications of the ball mill and rod mill are expressed in the diameter and the length of the cylinder.

        lattice ball mill(1) lattice ball mill
        Various specifications of ball mill structure is basically same, barrel body of the ball mill thickness is about 18 to 36 mm steel plate roll welded, it both ends of the welding use cast steel flange, barrel body is provided with a lining board, made of manganese steel, chrome steel, wear-resistant cast iron or rubber material, which high manganese steel application is broad, use rubber is still in the trial stage. The liner is about 50 - 130 mm, and there is a gap between 10 - 14 mm between the tube and shell, and it is used to slow the impact of steel ball to the cylinder when the plywood, asbestos pad, or plastic pole or rubber are spread.

        overflow ball mill
        (2) overflow ball mill
        Overflow ball mill is due to its row of mine is the height of the shaft and the edge of the hollow axis and self flow overflow, without additional equipment installed heavy lattice plate. In addition, in order to prevent the ball in the ball mill and coarse ore block with slurry discharged together, so in the inlaid on the inner surface of the hollow shaft neck bush have anti helical blade.

        rod mill
        (3) rod mill
        At present, there are two kinds of rod mill, which are overflow type and open type, the former is used more common, the latter is now discontinued. The structure of rod mill is the same as the overflow type ball mill. The grinding medium is round.

        centrifugal mill
        (4) centrifugal mill
        Centrifugal grinding is a new type of high efficiency ultra fine equipment, it is divided into vertical and horizontal. According to the number of tubes, the former can be divided into single tube and three tubes (planetary) centrifugal mill.

        (5) vibration grinding mill
        The vibration grinding work in high frequency, and the high frequency vibration can easily make the material generate crack, and can produce high stress concentration in the crack, so it can be effectively superfine grinding. But this kind of mechanical spring easy fatigue damage, lining consumption is larger, the smaller amplitude, to mine should not be too thick, and join the uniform, so usually applicable to 1 to 2 mm of material grinding to 85 - 5 micron (dry grinding) or 5 - 0.1 micron(wet grinding).

        jet mill (6) jet mill
        The spray mill is a new type of dry grinding equipment, such as the fine grinding and classification of the material and the dry grinding equipment. Mainly used in chemical and building materials industry, but recently used to wear the trend of the mine. The work of spray grinding is that the air is compressed air, or superheated vapor, or other preheating gas as the medium. With stone quartzite jet mill products by magnetic separation after the separation indexes, compared and mill and pebble mill, concentrate grade was approximately 2 - 3%, the iron recovery rate was approximately 2 - 15%.

        (7) spiral classifier
        The spiral classifier is matched with the wet ball mill and ball mill equipment to finish grinding and classification. The specifications with the diameter of said, according to the number of spiral spiral classifier can be divided into single and double spiral classifier. According to the level of liquid level, it can be divided into high weir type, immersion type and low weir type.

        (8) Hydrocyclone
        The upper part of the hydrocyclone is cylindrical, and the lower part is conical shape, central cylinder insert a root of the overflow pipe, the upper part of the outer side of have a tangent with the pulp inlet pipe. Hydrocyclone application has many years practice in China's mineral processing plant, mainly for fine-grained classification, pulp concentration, desliming and dewatering etc.


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