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        Saudi Arabia delivery 300t active lime production line

        active lime production line

        Customer’s background:
        Daily operation amount: 300t/day
        Raw material: Limestone
        Finished product: Ca094%
        Limestone to lime change process, is a in the temperature control, the process of chemical change happen. According to the physical and chemical reaction process of limestone and heating needs and calcined equipment characteristics, temperature distribution and requirements are different. Lime can be divided into common lime and active lime according to its features. Generally speaking, common lime is produced by earth kiln or common shaft furnace, its activity not more than 200ml, mainly used for construction and road building. Active lime is produced by mechanical furnace and rotary kiln , its activity can reach 300-420ml. The best quality Active-lime (quick lime) is produced rotary kiln, mainly used for steel, chemical and power station desulfurize industry.
        Customer’s Active-lime Plant main equipments including:
        1.Raw material screen and load material system
        2.Preheat system
        3.Rotary kiln calcine system
        4.Buring system
        5.Cooling system
        6.Deal with Waste air system
        7.Coal powder making system
        8.Finished material storage and transport system.

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