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        Material properties explanation of ball mill grinding process

        Grinding process is generally divided into two processes: crushing process and grinding process. Crushing is the bulk materials broken to suitable particle size, in order to use the next process, divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing; grinding is to grind broken materials into powder, materials obtain necessary dispersion, become a group of products, to meet the requirements of the process, divided into rough grinding, medium grinding, ultrafine grinding, ball mill grinding process system is composed by grinding equipment, classifying equipment, dust collection and conveying equipment and measuring feeding device. 

        The following is material properties explanation of ball mill grinding process system, include strength, hardness, plasticity, drying, grindability and other key indicators.

        1, strength: material resistance to damage the resistance, strength is relevant to dynamics, divided into: compression, hardness, bending, tensile strength, etc.

        2, toughness and brittleness: the ability of the material resistance to fracture, high brittleness of the material is easy to crush and low brittleness of the material is difficult to crush.

        3, hardness: the ability to resist deformation of the material, generally represented by Mohs hardness. The hardness of diamond is 10. The strength of the material, its hardness is also high, sometimes referred to as hard material, and otherwise is called as soft materials.
        4, the moisture content of the material includes the crystal water and surface water. The main influence of the grinding operation is surface water.

        5, plasticity: the role of external forces in the material to change the shape of the characteristics of the shape, the plastic material is difficult to break.

        6, drying: refers to the material in the drying process is easy to dehydration characteristics. Mainly for the clay drying, good drying is easy to dry.

        7, the bond: material itself and the characteristics of the bond. In particular, clay, limestone containing interlayer soil, if the bond is larger, in the crushing, storage and grinding process of grinding often produce a bond, blockage, deterioration, and therefore must be pre drying.

        8, fragile: it is difficult to show the degree of difficulty of the material properties, it is not easy to wear and the regularity of the relationship.

        9, grindability: refers to the degree of difficulty of the characteristics of the material powder.

        10, abrasive: refers to the material of wear-resistant parts surface grinding produced the degree of wear of the nature, commonly used to crush a ton of metal material consumption units is g/T. Abrasive materials are very important for the selection of roller mill. Especially for the selection of wear-resistant material.


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