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      2. No.18,Dongfang Road,Mazhai Industrial Park, Zhengzhou City, China. +86-13838269870 info@seasunmac.com

        ball mill

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         Pre-sale Service:
        1. Choosing equipment model
        2. Designing and manufacturing product according to customers' special requirements.
        3.Sending engineers and technicians to arrange site planning and design the best technological process and program.
        Sale Service:
        1.Examining products
        2.Helping customers draft construction plan.
        3.Give advice and suggestions and show around our production sites.
        After-sale Service:
        1. Setting up customer records, knowing well the location and running state of the sold equipment, return visit time and contact information; Dispatching professional after-sales service staff to the site to help customers install and adjust equipment. 1-2 technicians are needed to assist customers in site-manufacturing for 1 month until customers are satisfied.
        2. Keeping a record of the daily information from hot-line and its handling.Announcing the customers whose equipments have been over warranty period in time; Informing them of the maintaining details at regular intervals.
        3. As to customer complaints out of non-quality reasons, customer managers should work with after-sales staff to analyse and explain problems caused by personal factors, make up and restore the damaged parts, implement operation guiding and training among customers' operators.



        You can get the price list and a KEFAN representative will contact you within one business day.





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