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        ball mill

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        Engineer Commissioning

        Ball mill installation:
        A) installation plan is designed according to user's foundation, should in accordance with this direction, location and space for installation;
        B) the fuselage below surface are on the ground steadfast, after levelness was adjusted, the level of material cylinder bottom plane is not larger than 1.5/1000;
        1. installation
        A) remove foreign bodies in the reserved hole in the installation equipment foundation, especially the inner wall of the hole can not have dust, oil, water and other liquids;
        B) after take apart the packing cases, adopt appropriate lifting facility (crane/fork lift truck) remove the host to install location;
        C) set the location equipment, anchor bolt in the installation hole, will randomly with "live" in anchor stud welding in the frame of the chassis, then only secondary grouting;
        D) after installed 24 hours, tighten nut load commissioning;
        E) plugged into power supply;
        F) the installation check and correct discomfort;
        G) electrical cabinets are placed in the auxiliary room, no installation.

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